Wednesday, October 3, 2012


So it is a little late to post this update but we are MOVING!!! I am so excited and extremely nervous. We will be moving to Hansen Idaho right outside of Twin falls. Steve got a good job offer up there and since he has family up there we are going to stay with them for a little bit right at first. I am taking him up there and then the kids and I will be coming back to pack up the rest of the stuff and clean the place. We will move about 2 weeks later. We  have been feeling a pull to go back to Idaho for a little over a year and he put in an application on a whim and he got the offer a few weeks ago. It is a huge change for us because we have been here for so long. I can't wait till Tavin goes to kindergarten up there because it will be all day kindergarten because it will not break my day up as much as it has been as of late with Caelum in all day 2nd grade and Tavin in half day Kindergarten.
We appreciate Amanda and Chris for letting us stay in their basement for a few months to be able to find a decent place to move into up there. I really hope that I can be a great help to them while we live there like I plan on being. I am excited to be closer to my kids cousins, but we will be sad to leave the cousins and family here behind. I can't believe how many little things we have, packing really makes you realize how much you have and find things you forgot you had.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Summer is done

Well the weather may not say that the summer is over but it is as far as the free time we have left. Caelum started second grade lase Wednesday and so far he is loving it! His teacher is Miss Bair and she is new to Wilson this year. She seems really nice and I hope that Caelum enjoys this year as much as he has enjoyed his previous years in school. So far he has only had one accident at school this year which I am very pleased with. I wish that I could see the light at the end of the tunnel with this problem. His constipation problems are only part of the problem it is his remembering to go and not holding it which I think is really the root of the problem. We have started using a kitchen timer that goes off every hour and he is supposed to go in and sit on the toilet. If he actually does what he is supposed to it works out pretty well, but a lot of time he wants to be too quick and just go in and doesn't sit to have a BM and that is when he ends up having problems. This I think is worse than potty training and it sometimes beings me to tears because I can't fix his problem and I don't think that others who haven't had to deal with this problem understand how difficult it is and I really hate the your a bad mom looks or the not so helpful maybe if you do this comments from someone who thinks it is as easy as potty training a child which it isn't. Sorry for the little rant but I really wish i knew more people who had this problem with their kids so that I can really find out what helps and good tips from parents who have been there. It is a really common problem amongst kids but I am surprised that I don't meet people very often who have to deal with these issues.
Tavin Started Kindergarten on Tuesday and he loves it so far. He had a water and sand party at school today and he was so excited to have it. He already it pretty good at math which is a great bonus and I hope that he can get better and recognizing his letters and get some reading practice in soon. Tavin is so full of energy all day long and it is wonderful when he gets home from school because he actually is a bit more mellow which still means he is a normal kid hyper but for him it is mellow and wonderful for me. I need to buy some serenity from doterra because it helps his a ton with his concentration and his extreme hyperactivity. Tavin has been big on wanting to buy a house and every time he sees one that is for sale he says I want that one. He also told Steve yesterday that he should get a truck and it needs to have 2 rows so we can all fit in it at once. He also tells me every time he gets into the car that we need to get a van or an SUV with three rows so that he can have more room.
Jessery is a stay at home girl right now. She misses her brothers when we take them to school, but she does like having mom and dad to herself for a few hours. Jessery can be so bossy at times like she is already a teenager sometimes it is cute but it really bugs her brothers. Jessery all of a sudden grew and inch and lost some of her baby fat and her face got longer it is kinda sad my little princess is getting so old. Jessery is still into anything girlie and insists that she needs a little sister so she can do her hair and her nails and make her all pretty like her. I have to laugh so hard at what she says sometime. The other day we got her a new dress and she thought it was blue and I said it wasn't so she said she thought it was green and I told her it wasn't and that is was turquoise and she just smiled. About a week later she asked me if she could wear her new turquboys dress. I was laughing so hard, I love how kids interpret things that we say.
Steve just had his 28th birthday and I felt so bad that he had to work on his birthday but such is the life of an adult. Steve has been an interim TA for a few months now which for the pay is great but he works some really crappy hours as of late. I work at the kids klub still once a week for free gym membership and I also get the privilege of watching Lyla a couple times a weeks to help Shane out so that he can focus on work and not worry about daycare. I really love being a stay at home mom right now. I am so happy that i can spend this time with the kids and I am a little bummed that I missed 2 years of it while going to school, but I am really glad that I have a degree under my belt and I can show my kids that anything is possible and it is great to finish a task that you start no matter how difficult it becomes. I have been working on eating healthier and I have lost a whopping 11 pounds. Not very noticeable and no where near what I need to lose but I am on my way to being a much healthier me.

Monday, June 11, 2012


Okay so I am really not that good on keeping up to date on my blog. I am currently working on losing the 40ish pounds that I gained from all 3 kids and so far I am doing well. It has been a week and I was able to workout 4 days in a row but then I had to take a break Friday because I had absolutely no energy and then Saturday I was in Salt lake ALL day taking a test and then talking to family and Sundays I don't ever plan on working out unless we decide to do a family bike ride. Well I weighed in today and I haven't lost anything but the little bit that I gained during the week because of starting a new workout has disappeared which is nice. In a few minutes I am going to head to the gym to workout for an hour and then I will eat healthy again. I have noticed a little bit the look and feel of my stomach, but I know that no one else will notice for a little while which is okay for me. I wish that there was a magic overnight fix, but I will not have surgery and pills are just awful for people so I will do it the old fashioned slow way so that it stays off and makes me healthier.
On another note Tavin just had 4 bottom teeth pulled about a week ago because we noticed his adult teeth were growing in behind his baby ones. When we went into the dentist he suggested that we pull the 4 on the bottom because his adult teeth were so big that they would come in really crooked and in a couple months he would have to have his other teeth pulled anyway so we decided to do it all at once and so Tavin got 4 dollars from the tooth fairy and he bought a little transformer bumblebee. Caelum just finished first grade at the top of his class and this summer we are going to get his accidents under control so that he won't have problems in second grade. Caelum is so super smart I just hope that he gets his bowel and urine problems under control. Caelum and Jessery are having a joint birthday party this Saturday and Caelum gave a checklist of what I need to do before his party. I laughed so hard he loves making lists just like I do. Jessery just turned 4 and she is such a princess. She loves getting her hair fixed and nails painted and the works. I am so excited that I finally was blessed with a girl after two boys. Jessery told me that she wants a barbie and a baby and oh so many other things so we are trying to get her something but with so many ideas we have our work cut out for us.
Steve is working and I am looking for work and now that I have passed my CMA test I should have an easier time finding work.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

More about me

So last we I had a bitter sweet departure from my externship. I was glad that I was finally done with my MA degree but I will defiantly miss working there. If anyone needs medical care and doesn't have insurance or would love to help support a growing local business go in and see them they are awesome. Chris Morgan is the provider there and he is great with his patients and cares for their well being a lot. I am looking for employment right now and would gladly take almost anything I can find. I applied for a job at the budge clinic through IHC and I would love to get the job so if you can pray for me to get the job or send me good vibes whatever is your specialty I would love the support from friends and family. Right now my jobs include looking for employment, being a mother and coupon shopping and I would really love to help contribute to the financial stability of my family so if anyone knows anything that is hiring I would love to put in an application. As the Holiday season starts up I hope that everyone is safe and thinks about the things and the people that they are thankful.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I am back

Sorry for those of you who have been wanting more information about what is going on in our lives. Well I have finished school at Stevens Henager for my MA I am just finishing up my externship which will be done at the end of this week. I really hope that they hire me where I am doing my externship because I really love working there with them. Steve is still working with Schriebers and it really is nice to have a steady income in this economy. Caelum loves school and he is in the 1st grade now. Tavin just turned 5 and asks me every day when he can go to Kindergarten. Jessery is 3 and loves to sing and dance and that is pretty much what she does most of the day. We are pretty much doing great here just living every day the best that we can.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

One more down 5 to go

Tonight I finished my research paper for this Mod and I am done with all of the homework for this class so I just have 2 more days in class and it is done. After this mod is done I have 5 more to go and only 4 of them are medical classes. I can't wait until I am done it seems like I have been going to school for a such a long time. I think the kids are just as ready as I am for me to be done with school. Thanks to everyone who has helped me out with this crazy adventure and I hope that you know what it means to me.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Having some fun

Well this last weekend was pretty fun and spontaneous. We decided to take the kids to build a bear because they have never been there. They each got an animal and they were able to wash them and then get birth certificates for them. Caelum got a very hairy do and he named him Ruffy. Tavin got a black bear and he named him Beary. Jessery got a dog with spots and named her Puffer. We decided to spend the night up there Saturday night so we stayed at the Shilo Inn. The kids have never been to a hotel before so they thought it was so awesome. Caelum loves kindergarten and I am really amazed at how much he has learned since he started. His teacher is sending home books for him to read and pass off to her and she said at the rate he is going he should be reading chapter books by the end of the school year. He also got tested at the beginning of the year to see where he was and they estimated bench marks that they want the kids to improve to before the end of the year. Well with 9 weeks left of school he has already passed his benchmark by double on most and triple on the rest. I was surprised and very pleased that he has improved this much. Tavin is working on his name right now and he knows how to spell it and he knows how to write his T and a and almost has the rest of it down. We will be doing an at home preschool for him when Caelum starts 1st grade this fall so that he can learn everything he needs to know before he goes to kindergarten in 2012. Jessery loves reading and trying to do everything her brothers do like drawing and running, We are probably going to try to get her to so some preschool stuff this fall along with Tavin so that she has something to do because she wants to stay busy. Tomorrow morning we are going to sign up for Planet fitness so that Steve and I can get healthier. I am going to be going at 5:30am every morning with my friend so that we both can encourage each other to lose the weight that we want and need to. Steve will be going with a friend from work possibly after they get off of work because that is what will work best for them. I can't wait to hop on those treadmills and get jogging. I really do love to run but I am so out of condition that I haven't been able to for a long time.